Consciousness, Emergence, Intentionality, Searle, Reason Atop The Irrational, And Naturalism’s Egregious Deficiency

Consciousness And Emergence And Formation by David Bentley Hart

Intentionality, Mental States, Searle, Networks, and Causal Backgrounds

Reason Itself: The Parasite Upon Irrational Physical Events & The Colony of Memes In the Ecology of Cerebral Cortices

The Most Egregious of Naturalism’s Deficiencies

Total Rationalism, Total Intelligibility, And Perfect Bliss

The Illusionist ~ On Daniel Dennett’s From Bacteria to Bach and Back ~The Evolution of Minds ~ By David Bentley Hart

The Unity Of Mind Is The Unity Of Being Even As The Irreducibility Of Mind Is The Irreducibility Of Being – By David Bentley Hart

Consciousness In Unity, Irreducibility, Indivisibility, And In Being

The following is from “Conjuring Teleology” at

“….Hence to write many paragraphs about the scientific banishment of teleology from everywhere else in nature while insisting that teleology is real in the case of human beings, and then casually to insinuate that the history of that banishment gives hope that someday a scientific explanation of the teleology of human consciousness will also be possible… to do that is something of a conjuring trick, a bit of sleight of hand….”

Philosophy of Mind:

Philosophy of Mind: Computationalism || Artificial Intelligence

Philosophy of Mind & Segues:

A Few Observations:

The following is from The Substance of Consciousness: A Comprehensive Defense of Contemporary Substance Dualism ~

“Chalmers observes,

“I think that substance dualism (in its epiphenomenalist and interactionist forms) and Russellian monism (in its panpsychist and panprotopsychist forms) are the two serious contenders in the metaphysics of consciousness, at least once one has given up on standard physicalism. (I divide my own credence fairly equally between them)…”

“…That a leading philosopher of mind would consider substance dualism among the two serious contenders would be unthinkable in the early 20th century. And as we will argue in a moment, specific panpsychist commitments make resisting substance dualism very difficult….”

Thinking It Through:

Irreducibility/Ontological/Metaphysical? Where is any such Irreducible Hard Stop of I/I AM/I Speak/I See/I Perceive?

The Hard Problem Of Consciousness JUST IS the Problem of Metaphysical Naturalism’s Necessary Conservation of [No-I-AM] Hard-Stop in/at/of Reality’s own Hard Stop — the problem of the illusory — of ultimate equivocation before reaching rock-bottom. After all the Hard Stop of [I-AM] would just be, well, Theism.

Therein we arrive, always, sooner or later, at the following:

Reason from Non-Reason just is Being from Non-Being

Those are the same thing.
The same Reductio Ad Absurdum.
Because: Principle of Proportionate Causality

The Hard Problem of Consciousness? Same thing. Same Reductio. Being from Non-Being.

Thereby we find that those willing to trade away lucidity/closure for absurdity/round-squares cling blindly to Non-Theism. Those unwilling to make the trade simply follow-through on sight to Unity/Singularity/Closure.

Theism is unavoidable. Because Logic/Being.

The alternative:

Equivocation & Reductio all…the…way…down… (Non-Theism) and that cashes out as…Non-Being.
But Non-Being isn’t an available option.

Once we arrive inside Theism? Well, the options are few as Absolute Consciousness, Logic, Being, Reciprocity, and more press in upon all semantic content and syllogistic structure.

Lastly The Following:

With some intended levity perhaps we can say something like the following:

The aforementioned items amount to basic physics and basic philosophy of mind. It’s basic Churchland, Carroll, Rosenberg, Harris, Dennett, and so on. There’s no need to blame God for the problems of incoherence and eliminativism’s fateful Cliff  or Edge over which Reason Itself inevitably plummets. The Non-Theist wants his Flat-Earth and, so, he has it After all, no one is forced to trade away lucidity in exchange for absurdity. There’s just no reason to ever make any such trade.


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